Good and Bad



Its a dark day today. Storms have been running thru for the last 7 hours or so. Tons of rain. Some tornadoes. Small ones. Flooded basements. Thats bad. But not mine. Thats good.

Yesterday I waited all day for my wheels and reported at 2pm they did not come. Thats bad. Then, they arrived just minutes later due to the Fedex guy running late. Thats good. Those babies were on the bike in minutes. Again, pics to come as its just too dark and rainy to do so today. I hope to ride them today as I have a ride planned at 5pm. Thats good. And thats 7 hours from now and it still might be raining and that would be bad.

The store will be very slow today. Constant rain. Thats bad. But on the other hand, I have a ton of paperwork to do and will use this day to burn thru it. Thats good.

One of the paperwork issues is that this morning I was informed that I am a certified Raleigh dealer. So the store will be selling Trek, Felt and now Raleigh. How cool is that? Im pumped. Thats good. More on that later.

So my desk is a paperwork mess(thats bad) and its going to be clean and organised before I go home today. Thats good.

Stay dry. Thats good.


Wa da ya think?

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