1891045_674874202555766_827605163_nToday the Brown uniformed Santa should bring me a present. Another wheelset!

I am a glorified wheel nut. I love a new set of wheels. I buy them, run them for awhile, then sell when I get another.

In the last 4 years Ive run carbon Bonty Aoulus on the road and XXXlite on the MTB. Then over to Easton EC’s on both bikes. After Easton its Dura Ace (currently on my AR2) and XT (not carbon) on the MTB.

To me, the wheels make the bike.They can make your bike much better looking and much faster too. If you could only have one upgrade to a bike a wheelset would make the biggest impact of any other one upgrade. Plus for the most part you can keep them from bike to bike.

When I map out a Trek Project for myself either road or mountain I’ll spec the lowest end wheels (unless I want the Aoulus) and then add the wheelset later.

The wheels coming today are from PSI-MET. A local (Chicago area) builder  who still pretty much makes them one at a time. Robert’s reputation to detail is solid and growing. Im pretty pumped that he spared his limited time to make me a set to demo.

Cant wait to get them on the bike. Hopefully today.

Pics to follow.

UPDATE 2pm: Wheels did not come today 😦


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