Warmer Days



In contrast to the cold weekend, this morn was sunny and in the 70’s. I headed straight to my happy place to hang before work. And once again, after what could be a thousand visits, I see something new. Pelicans.

Ive seen these guys north of here in Green Bay but a first in the park, or anywhere in this area. Very cool.

Not as cool as Saturday. I kitted up for the morning ride and decided I needed arm warmers. So on with those and off I was. And froze my ass off. I was co cold I cut the ride short as I had to get back to the store anyway. But I was so cold it would not have mattered anyway. June 14th and Im freezing. Not right.

Sunday I decided to ride the 31’er for the second time and Ive come to a conclusion on that bike and format. Actually several conclusions.

  1. That bike is a blast to ride.
  2. Even with lower pressure I just cant do rigid for a length of time. It just hurts.
  3. Its not the bike to ride when everyone else is on a ultra weight MTB’s.

If Im by myself its a fun bike. But with others Im just not fast enough to pull it off. I’ll for sure ride it a couple times but never with others. Im much slower on it 20140615_102113[1]than with the MTB.

Sunday was pretty cold too. Then about 4pm the wind switched from off the lake and it jumped 15 degrees in about 20 minutes.

Such is the life on the western shores of Lake Michigan.

Busy day in the store. Coming off a near record weekend. Best be going….


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