Levis Mound

Way up there.

I actually took the entire day off. Never walked in the store once yesterday. That felt weird.

A couple guys invited me over to Levis Mound to ride some MTB. These trails were voted best in the State by IMBA. Its been ten years since I have been here so I made the 3 hour ride and was rewarded with some very cool trails. The people I was with knew them so we never got too lost. But I had no idea where I was at all times.

First off, I could post a ton of pics like the one above. Breathtaking vistas seem to be around every corner.

On top and in between.

If I had sDSCN4020omething like this closer to me I would for sure do a lot more MTBing. It was so nice to ride somewhere where I have not had 900 laps in already. Most of the local stuff I pretty much know every rock and root. It was cool to ride around, over and inbetween (as seen here) all the rock formations.

And some scary parts too. You had to concentrate here. One poorly timed fall could put you off the side of over 100 foot drops. Talking to the locals there never had such a terrible fall here and I cant believe that. Some of the stuff I for sure walked. Considering I had to go to work tomorrow.

Do not fall left.

Like this pic here. Fall to the left and you would be having a bad day. There are a ton of trails here and I dont think all of them are this advanced. But I was told I did not ride all of the hard stuff and there was plenty of that I did ride.  Again, I walked some stuff I could have rode but when you come upon this stuff for the first time its better to be safe than tumble down a cliff. And a guy shaped like me could possibly roll for a long time. And would most likely leave a mark.

That said, even if you had to walk all that stuff its still worth the drive to just ponder off the top of this mound. Your way up there. We watched a couple fighter jets from the local army base zoom past when we were at the highest point of the mound. Very cool.

As you would expect, there was some climbing involved and I just shifted to granny and took my time going up. I knew I had a lot of riding to do and did not want to burn all my matches too early. I must say I managed the climbing pretty well all day. Took me a bit longer than usual, and I am quite a bit sore today, but the climbing was pleasant. If there is such a thing for a guy as big as me. I gatta say thanks for everyone for waiting for me on the ups.

There were people camping there just to ride. They come from all over. There are so many cool trails and stuff like this pretty much in your own backyard that we never see or think to go to. People here in town talk about Colorado being the only true MTB State but never have been to Levis. Before you spend all your money to travel far and away how about spending a fraction of that and checking this place out first.

There’s no way you could be disappointed. No way.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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