Its Raining Again


On of the coolest aspects of the store is rentals. Im the only store within 40 miles that rents bikes. Not sure why.

With the store’s move to the tourist district last year the rentals tripled. And that was expected and a important part of the biz plan when I made the move.

The20140609_132356[1] bikes are easy to maintain 7 speeds. Nothing fancy. Fun to ride.

Here Im delivering to the American Club in Kohler,WI. But the store is real close to many hotels in town.

Moving on. Its raining this morn but its supposed to go away by the afternoon for the planned ride at 5pm. Sounds like a pretty big group today. I have a much better chance at doing this ride than the weekends.

Tomorrow Im planning a ride at Levis Trow and will try to take the entire day off. As it appears that Im low for weekend help I will then try to take a few days mid week when its easier to staff the store. Will be planning a few things soon. Even if its just a one day deal. Im sure your sick of hearing but Ive been here everyday since early March.

Since its dark and rainy today I will catch up on some paperwork. Much needed.

Hopefully no post tomorrow. I hope to be out MTBing all day. Weather dependent. Seems my entire life is weather dependent.


Wa da ya think?

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