Truckers. Mine and a customers.

Not a bad weekend. Rode both days. All road, no woods. That and the store was crazy busy. Still is. Its hard to find the time to type this. If fact, I started this post on Monday morn, only to have to finish it Tuesday morn and even now I only have maybe 20 minutes to get it done. Crazy busy.

With the weather turning to good my thoughts are leaning to a tour. Touring is one of those things where you gatta buy the expensive stuff to do it right. Im not talking about those tours where there’s a car following you as you and your buddys ride tword the next hotel. Im talking about the kind where your alone and not sure of what direction your taking in the morning. I love that stuff.

That kind of touring is expensive. You need light high end backpacking equipment. You need to bring the right stuff. Not too much, not too little. I didn’t have a ton of money when I started but borrowed tents and stuff and one by one, bought my own things over time.

Rest stop on a 100 mile day.

Everything you carry with you is a smaller, lighter version of your stuff. Tools and such are minimal. Tent weighs in at 2.5 pounds. Sleeping gear about the same including air pad. To me its very relaxing breaking camp and deciding where to go that specific day. All the tours Ive done I always had a destination but never a plan on how to get there. Or a time schedule.

In total, I carry about 40 pounds of stuff in my bags. No cooking gear. I’ll stop to eat during the day and always buy a little extra to take along not knowing when I’ll stop again.

I average about 12mph fully loaded. More or less depending on wind. I remember coming home from Door County a few years ago and holding 20mph for a long time with a huge tailwind. Also, when heading north on some State hiway you always get a good push when a semi blows past you. I can remember riding along Hiway 45 north and three big trucks in a row blew past at 60mph and I went from 10mph to 18mph without pedaling much. Sounds scary and maybe is a little but you get used to it.

Im not sure what this summer is going to bring me as a tour but I garentee you I will pack up and ride away at some point this summer.

As far as tour bikes Ive settled on the Surley Disc Trucker and thats saying a lot as Im also a Comotion dealer. The Trucker is a great bike for the money. I sell quite a few of them as noted in the pic above. For sure Comotion sells quite the higher end bike and Im sure I would love one. Its most likely lighter and stronger. Maybe someday I’ll get one but for now its the Trucker.

Now all I need to do is decided when and where.


Wa da ya think?

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