Its Not Sunny

Cold and a bit drizzly this morn. But clearing out this aft. Ive started a little Wednesday ride out of the store. Nothing fancy. Just 30 miles with a few guys.

Ive learned to be a bit careful with info about the group ride thing. People ask all the time.  In the past I was always reluctant to pass on info on the two group rides currently in the area. They have been more of a beat down than a group ride and I just did not want to recommend it to a customer just to have the guy\gal left for dead 20 miles out.

I have nothing against spirited rides. They are fun. Hanging on the back of these rides pretty much kept me in shape and I do plan on joining a few this summer. But people need to call these rides out for what they are. Just very fast. Nothing casual about them. Any 40 mile ride with a 20+ mph average is not casual. Its hard work for most.

I always said out of 15 bikes we had 5 riders who handles this pace easy. 5 more that can do it but sometimes do not want to work so hard and the last 5 who run pukers just to hang onto the rear…. I am one of the last.

But those rides always made me faster and thats a good thing. Im not sure I could even do one anymore. Maybe.

Ive been stressing a bit with marginal help in the store but I start training someone next week. Hope that works out. Then maybe I could try one of those fast rides.

Any plans to leave this week(end) are pretty much gone(again). Getting another person up to speed here will be a good thing.

Have a great day.


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