Its Sunny


Yesterday cold and foggy. This morn bright and sunny. Here’s the view this morn from the store’s deck. Its a great place to relax and have my coffee before the store opens. If Im not at the park that is.

I had to get to the store early today as the Shimano tech rep made a stop this morn. Randy is always full of good information and knows Di2 as good as anyone. When he shows I usually have a lot of questions. And I get good answers. I like stay on the cutting edge of this stuff. We for sure are the area’s leader in Di2(shameless self promotion).

Mostly due to its the future of drivelines. Now with the Di2 XTR out I really see no reason to use any other. I do like Sram and use them also, remember I had Hydro Red on my cross bike last fall(and was kinda a epic fail as I had to send it back). But with Hydro Di2 out, its a no brainer. I hear Sram is playing with electronic now but its 5 years too late. However, Im sure they will develop a system much faster than Shimano as they now have a format to work off of. Shimano started from scratch.

Anyway, sorry Sram but its all Shimano all the time at this point in time. I was thinking about a Superfly this summer for me. I will now wait until the electronic XTR is available on Treks Project. And will try to be one of the first t get it. How cool would it be to have that bike by the Shuammy Fat Tire 40 mid Sept. Very cool. But a long shot.

Still holding my breath about next weekends get away. Its Tuesday and my original plans have me leaving in two days. Right now it looks like 50\50 chance. Of course there is a plan B. And C for that matter.

But no plan D.


Wa da ya think?

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