Just a Weekend


 Not that bad of weekend. I guess. Saturday was a short ride before work. Sunday was a short ride before couch.

Of course I saw all the posts on the race in Cable that I could not attend. Lots of fun was had but did see one post about the mosquitos. Tons of them I heard. We do have a few here right now but nothing crazy. But I can imagine. I’ll be there in Sept for the Chuamegon 40. Then again in March 2015 for the Fat Bike Birkie. And I’ll register for this one again too next year. Just not so early. I’ll make sure my ducks are in a row before I send in the money.


Saturdays road ride was a bit uneventful. Hour and a half before work. Usual route. Sunday was one of those days. You know. One of those days where it seemed like pulling teeth to get ready to ride, but you know once your out there your glad you did it. This was not one of those days. It was the kind that you procrastinate getting ready, it takes a huge effort just to get the kit on ( I dont know how I did this in winter with twice the clothing) and you shuffle to the car. Staring at the ground.

Once I got on my bike I did feel a little better but not much. Just felt mentally blown out. So I just soft pedaled around the park figuring out how to avoid all the hills. Im pretty good at that. Then, after a measly 58 minutes in the saddle called it quites. All in all a pretty sad attempt at MTBing but I did get out there none the less.

Its crazy foggy this morn. All off the lake. At some point during the day it gets burned off and the temps jump 10 degrees in a very short time. Still hard to dress right for a ride from the store.

Today the store’s employee status finally is at full strength and Im planning something for maybe Thur\Fri. Into the weekend if thats possible. Here I go again with the plans. You would think I’ve learned my lesson.

Not quite yet.


Wa da ya think?

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