Its a beautiful morning. And I should be somewhere else.

Its been a good week in the bike riding Dept. Monday I was on the Felt Edict. Wednesday I was on the 9zero7 29plus and yesterday I grabbed the Felt AR2 roadie. Sometimes I forget how to shift the bike Im on that day. I have to think about it.

So its Friday morn and Im on another cusp of another working weekend. This is the weekend I should have been in Hayward for the Borah Epic and as much as I tell myself otherwise Im pretty upset not going.

I kinda just tried not to think about it but when the time comes when you should be leaving and your not is when it hits. Dammit!

This is the second race I paid for and did not go this year, the other being the Fatbike race in Marquette in Feb. But it was 5 degrees and that was a no brainer. This is just a bit different. But still could not be controlled. Thats what I get for planning. I never used to plan. I remember deciding to do these kind of things the day before. Now… I register months in advance only to have real life snatch away what I was so looking forward to. Maybe I should just go back to that unplanned way of life. Live spontaneously. I can do that pretty well.

But I have plans in the making. Different plans. I am planning some time away and could be out of town in less that 7 days maybe. I have extra help in the store for the next 19 days and I plan on using it. As I posted yesterday, maybe a few day trips or maybe even a bike tour. Something.

Tomorrow will be a quick ride before the store opens. Sunday maybe the same thing. Then my weekends will be free for awhile. Have a great weekend!


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