Twenty Nine Plus



I cant believe that I did not ride this bike since the Fat Bike Birkie on March 8th. But that’s the truth. In the meantime I had some 29+ wheels strung up. Done maybe a month ago. 9zero7 hubs with Velocity Dually rims. 45mil wide. Thats only 2mil narrower than my Northpaw fat wheels.

I’ll say it straight out. If your fatbike accepts this format you must do it.

First impre10385181_10204033888197828_1620272843_nssion is that your on some circus bike. Its tall. Your way up there. It feels weird. The woods I planned on hitting up was a 4 mile road ride away and its pretty soft there anyway so 30 pounds of air it was.

With a tailwind I was holding 20mph pretty much all the way there. Those big tires can roll both in the woods and the road.

Once in the sticks it was a blast. Surprisingly fast. The big wheels just held any momentum you built up. You can feel the big hoops in the tight stuff for sure but once I got used to it was no big deal.

Slight downhill and flats were unbelievably fast. Its just a fun bike to ride. However with all the pressure I was reminded a few times that the bike is fully rigid.

I would not take this to our local hi tech and rocky trails. The ones I rode last Monday ( see post). I would for sure get the crap beat out of me over all those rocks. Even if I dial back on the pressure and soften the tire a bit. To me it would still hurt. So… I cant wait for the bikes coming with the Bluto fork. Maybe not needed so much in the winter but for 12 month fun its a plus.

This format for sure takes the fat bike to another level. Summer level. Its a blast to rip it up in the woods. However, I must mention that this tire\wheel combo is not allowed if you are racing the “fat” category with most races calling for a minimum is 3.7 in rubber. Also, I would not run these in winter on any groomed trails. Skinny people could for sure get away with it but it would be frowned on by the groomers who put their time in the trails. When in snow stay fat. When not in snow go 29+.

And just think I almost sold this bike without even riding the tall wheels. I will, in fact, ride it again. Soon. Fun as hell.


Wa da ya think?

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