As I stared out onto the Lake this morn I got to thinking that today would have been the day I left for the race this weekend. Then I got to thinking how I have not had a day off since March 7th. And that includes weekends.

And then I got to thinking that I really need some time away. Very soon.  As I thought some more Ive come to the conclusion that I am dangerously close to burn out. And not just the “I could use a little time” but the “I could ditch this whole thing” kind of burn out. Then, I got to thinking about a couple of days up to Marquette. I thought I could do this during the week much easier when help is readily available.

Im pretty sure I would do this alone and thats fine. A couple of days on the MTB up there would be awesome. Hey, I could even bring the fatbike 29plus up there too. I have yet to ride it. That would be nice.

Even if thats not possible an cheaper alternative would be a day up in Door County. Then, my thoughts turned to a tour to Door County. For sure this year but I’ll need four days to make it worth the trip. I only would have two here. But then I thought I really should get my tour bike assembled from winter mode. Right now its tossed in a corner like all of my personal bike stuff. Someday I really need to go thru that all.

So now my planning thoughts turn back to Marquette,MI. Maybe next week? I’ll start the planning  process as soon as I stop typing this post.

Which is right now.


Wa da ya think?

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