Hard Effort


Ive had better weekends. With the only body available to work Saturday and Sunday I had my weekend cut out for me. I really dont mind working weekends but not every. Hopefully soon everyone can settle into a rotation.

I did get a quick road ride on Saturday morn before the store opened. Sunday I did not. That left me with Monday. I was not open then.

I opted to head out to out hardest local trails. Northern Kettles of Greenbush. I wanted to be alone as I knew my riding would not be good. That was an understatement.

Riding here he20140526_094953[1]lps in the tech dept tho. You leave with a better line picking skill than when you got here. Because thats all you do. Tons of rocks. You stare at the trail in front of you. You need to concentrate very hard all the time. If a bear was standing 10 feet off the trail you would not see it.

Since I was alone I plugged in the iPod, cranked it up and off I went. Started slow by design. The hardest climbing is when your the farthest out and on the second half of the trail so I was going to pace myself till I got there.

And did for the most part. At one point I could small a dead animal as I pedaled and all of a sudden a Turkey Vulture jumped on my right. It flew across the trail but had no idea how fast I was going. I could have touched it as it crossed in front of me. Those things are huge! That was the high point of the ride. Soon after the climbs started. And I worked hard as I granny geared up them. But it was apparent very soon that I all of a sudden was not feeling well.

I kept going (climbing) for awhile. Always in granny to keep my efforts to a minimum. But at one point I needed to stop and get off the bike. I tried to get my heart rate to drop but it seemed not to. And felt sick. I knew something was up and did not move a muscle until this passed, which seemed like a long time.

It did, and from that point on ( I was about 3\4th around) I soft pedaled the flats and walked the hills. And eventually made it back to the car.

I think this was due to a bunch of things. First off my weight is still up. Its coming down a little due to the increased riding but still up 10 pounds from normal. It was hot. Not warm but hot. I would guess upper 80’s and I was not used to that. I did not drink enough before hand.

I looked down at my Garmin after and saw my ride time for the lap was as good as any I have done. Remember I did stop several times and the timer clocks out when I do so. But I walked way more also. That tells me I went too hard for the first half I think.

Could have been anything I guess. But it was not a fun second half of the lap and I was kinda sick the rest of the day. Lesson learned. I need to prepare better for hard efforts. And with my weight every effort is hard. I should know that there is no such thing as a easy lap out there.

This morn Im still not 100% recovered. This coming weekend was the Borah Epic weekend, which Im going to miss for sure now. While in the back of my head I was hoping things worked out in the store to let me go this lap on Monday has me thinking I better not anyway. Im just not ready for that effort.

Its a shame. I love the Hayward area and hate to not take advantage of a reason to go up there. But there will be more.

Sooner than later I hope.


2 thoughts on “Hard Effort

  1. Hope you’re feeling better. That first ride in warm weather always gets me. Maybe it was that?
    If you do go to the Mt. Borah Epic, stop and say hi at the “OO” feed stop, Sue and I will be there volunteering.

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