Felt AR2


So I spose its time to post on the road bike Im currently riding. Felt’s AR2. This, like the MTB I am riding, is one step down from the top end model. Last year I had a F1 with Dura Ace. Now that Ultegra is 11 speed I just dont see the need to spend the 1k or so for that upgrade. The only constant in my personal bikes is Di2.

This is the first “aero” bike I rode so I did not have any expectations. Im not a very aero guy on a bike. I was pretty sure the frame design was wasted on me 20140523_092944[1]but it looks so cool….

The way the tire molds into the seat tube.

I almost feel like a tri freak on this thing. Maybe I should get a set of clip on aero bars up front. Maybe not.

The bike is fast. The bike is stiff. Do I notice a difference over last years F1. I dont. But again, thats just me being me. Im sure they did not have a 260 pound guy in mind when designing this thing.

So as all the aero stuff is wasted on me, Im convinced it does not hurt. Its a very fast bike. To get the aero effect in the frame you have to use more material. Aero bikes generally have heavier frames that a non aero bike. But I was pleasantly surprised with a real life weight 20140523_092830[1]of 15 pounds 11oz using my favorite carbon Dura Ace wheels and without pedals. Thats less that a pound heavier that last years F1. Very respectable.

As for the cockpit Im using the Pro one piece up front. The same bar I had on last falls Trek Crockett. I like it. Looks cool and fits me well.

So to be truthful, this would not be a bike I would buy for myself. Mainly due to my body type. But put a skinny fast guy\gal on it and watch him\her go. Perfect for that weekend triathlete who can only afford one bike.

And its its coming very apparent that Im riding Felts and no Treks. Thats not by design. I guess in my store Felt is the new kid on the block and gets the most attention in this respect. Fear not Trekkie’s. In August I will sell this aero rocket ship and have plans to finish out the summer on a  Project One Trek Domane. I think it will be green.

And I will be looking forward to that. Have a great weekend.


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