This morning view from my bench was awesome. Its very warm today! I’ll need to get out for a ride around noon. Now that the store is busy more people work here and I can sneak out for my nooner quite often. Its breaks up a long day for sure.

 Busy day today also. Getting 20 bikes in. Plus tons of stuff from the UPS guy. I’ll stick around the store until all that stuff arrives then will jump on the bike.


I now take tunes with me on rides. First iPod ride was with the MTB Sunday. I like music and that just makes the rides a bit better. At least the solo ones. Im a little apprehensive with using earbuds on the road but I still do. Back in 09 I got hit by a car due to the fact I was rocking out to my tunes. And it really hurt. I did not like it.I just try to keep it low and look around more.

I guess being in the 70’s this morn kinda makes it summer. Its still a little cooler near the lake but tolerable. Definitely now most rides will head west away from the lake for awhile. But not such a big deal anymore.

I’d better get opening the store to stay ahead of the chores. I have a road bike calling my name.


Wa da ya think?

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