Happy Place (revisited)


Its been awhile since I addressed my happy place. Maybe over a year. Its still a big part of my life and a place I spend a lot of time in. Kohler Andre State Park.

During the winter I pretty much have the place to myself. And Im the guy who grooms the ski trails when there’s snow on the ground. But mostly I spend time in the morn with my coffee to decompress a little. It works for me.

Around this time of year it gets busy and I have to share my HP with others. Then, I find a secluded spot like the above bench. And just hang out a bit before my day starts. For the most part I drive here but at least 90% of my road rides go 20131227_095736[1]thru this place.

In the winter I have a blast grooming the trails. This winter was the best I can remember in that respect. The trails were the best ever.

Other than that its just a great place to hang out. About 6 miles from the store.

So as winter turns to summer this place starts jumping. My visits turn from driving to riding. And I will continue to spend a lot of my time there. I have hundreds of pics of this park. Files and files of them. 023

But this has got to be my fav. The very first time I saw eagles in this area was in this park. And this was the first pic of a million of those guys that I now have. This pic made it into the local paper. I believe it was 2008.

Since then there at least 5 nesting pairs in the area. But I will remember the day I took this first pic forever.

Many other memories here. Camping when my kids were young. Before I even started riding a bike. Too many memories to count.

And new ones are still in the making.


Wa da ya think?

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