Felt Edict Nine 1


Hell must have froze over. I finally got out on a MTB. On Sunday.

Rewind to Saturday. Had a great road ride. Longest of the year at 54 miles. That, along with the average speed up to 17mph, gave me hope. Last week’s 42 mile ride came in at a 16 average. So longer and faster is a good thing (thats what she said). I am feeling better on the bike. Im optimistic.

That is, until my first MTB ride of the spring on Sunday. It was pathetic. Good thing I didn’t race. It would not have been pretty. For the most part I hit everything on the trail that was possible to hit. Its crazy how those skills leave you over the winter. I could not find the fast line if you painted it.

The only witnesses

Good thing I was alone. It would have been embarrassing to ride that terrible with someone.

I was not completely alone. But Im pretty sure these guys where laughing at me anyway. The only witnesses to the ride. I pretty much had to stop an wait till they left the trail. They gave me a dirty look and moved maybe 10 feet and went back to what they were doing.

Within an hour I settled down and it all started coming back to me. I am, in fact a MTB’er at heart. I rode in the woods almost 10 years before I even owned a road bike.

As for the bike. This is the first time in my entire life I am not riding a Trek MTB. For real. Ive been enjoying my Top Fuels then Superflys for a long time.

I admit I was a bit skeptical to go with Felt this year. I appears to me most of their R&D is in the road department. But I need to ride what I sell so I gave it a shot. This is the XT level bike. One notch down from the top end. Retails in the 5K range.

My crappy riding has the jury out yet but I do have a very good first impression. I love the spec sheet. XT with a XTR rear. Very nice touch for that level. Sid Race with carbon crown. XT rims on Schwalbe tires. I immediately ditched the tubes and the tire\rim combo inflated tubeless with no problem. Nice.

The weight came in the high 24’s without pedals. Again, right in the ball park. My Project Superfly’s came in the high 22’s but that was a 8k bike with carbon wheels. So to lose those last two pounds would cost about 2k per pound. Worth it? I say not.

While I did not set any speed records (saving that for later) it handled excellent. Once I dialed in the suspension a bit it felt great and I got faster with every adjustment. While I did not ride this bike in full race mode I expect to have no problems in that respect. So like a true salesmen I will say I still love Superflys but this Edict is right next to it. As always, its come down to personal preference. And between the two, I have no preference. I just happen to be on a Felt Edict Nine 1 right now.

I’ll put more time on it, and maybe race it once or twice and give an updates for sure. I’ll be in the woods a lot more now….


Wa da ya think?

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