Nothing To Do.


Its a very cold but sunny morning. 35 degrees. But somehow Im in a better mood despite the crazy temps. Must be due to my first full weekend off since early March. However with the addition of Sundays I now am looking at about 20 days in a row after this weekend. So I better live it up.

So whats up this weekend? WORS race? Maybe a few days in Door County? Get out of town…anywhere? Nope. I got nothing. As of now.

In fact. Im planning some crazy thought of trying to get away on the weekend of the 31st for the Borah race again. The one I bailed on due to lack of help in store. I have a new part timer that if I get him up to speed quickly might let that race be game on again. Long shot. But I just might go for it. Again.

But this weekend I’ll push some miles and maybe get in a actual MTB ride if the rain stays away.

And I’ll need to post about my new bikes yet also. Ive been saying that for awhile now. Everytime I plan to take the bikes outside for a few pics its raining and crappy. So this weekend I make it a point to take the said pics and show you what Im riding of late. Those who know me will be surprised at the MTB in riding.

So thats my weekend. Try to stay out of the store and on some bikes.

And I gatta cut my grass too. Have a good weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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