Slightly Green


Ive seen just slivers of spring. Mon\Tues was just rain. Yesterday was dry streets so I did get in a hour or so ride before the store opened. That was nice. Today back to rain and 38 degrees this morn.

The only sign of spring that I can think of is that my grass needs cutting and my lawnmower does not run. Cripes.

I have been in a crummy mood of late. Its got to be weather related. I cant believe its the middle of May. I have yet to ride in the woods. My saddle time is down but not terrible. That could be worse.

But its the crappy holding pattern we seem to be in every spring. Two good days get rewarded with 4 bad ones. Hopes are up only to be dashed time and time again.  That just weighs on me after awhile. And I get down because of it.

Was full fan a second a go…

And this weekends plans are all over the board. Anything I do I’ll be alone so Im not quite as pumped about it. I really need to get away but not at the expense of getting away and having a crummy time. I have decided to staff the store anyway this weekend. Even if Im around I’ll take the time off anyway. Much needed.

Saw this guy this morn. He was walking down the road with his tail all fanned out. First time I saw that. Pretty cool.

So hopefully the weather will get me back on track soon. I have a few choices to make for the weekend. Maybe head up north for a bike race. Or maybe just a day trip somewhere. I’ll give it some thought.


Wa da ya think?

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