Another crappy day. Rain, mist and fog. I took this pic this morn and put it on the computer to see if I could “brighten” it up and make it look like a nice day. I’ll go with it and make believe it nice out.

So let me complain a bit about the weather. We have had maybe 3 to 4 inches of rain since Sunday nite. Flooding. If it stopped right now we might have a shot at riding in the woods by the weekend. Its not going to stop today. Maybe tomorrow. Today I will get my MTB tuned in a bit and ready to ride. And then I’ll stare out the window and wait for the sun to come out.

Im looking forward a bit to this weekend. Since Im out of the Borah Epic at the end of the month I chose this upcoming weekend to replace it. With whatever. Theres a MTB race about three hours drive. Or I could just head up to Door County (two hour drive) for a day of MTB and a day of road riding. Im not so sure Im up for racing. And I would have to go alone which is kinda a bummer.

But I really need some time away. Really bad. I have pretty much been here every day since the Fatbike Birkie on March 8th. I have some burn out going on. And the only way to combat is throw the store’s keys at someone and leave.

You can only imagine how hard that is to do. The summer selling seasons always seem to be shorter and shorter and when your a guy like me that handles pretty much everything by himself your always expected to be there. But we all know thats not possible.

So as of today Im planning to ditch the store this weekend. Destination unknown. Lets see how this plays out in the next few days.


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