Weekend Update

Crappy day today. Good weekend tho. I guess I should not complain to much. Again about 6 hours in the saddle between Saturday and Sunday. All road.

Sunday was my longest ride of the year. 46 miles. And the average mph was up at 16.1.  My fastest to date. And I was wiped out, pretty much useless the rest of the day. But a good thing as that ride put me two steps forward.

Sadly, as of today, May 12, I have yet to throw a leg over anything that even resembles a MTB. Not even been on the 29+ fatbike yet. What the hell? I am so ready for a ride in the woods.

Soon. Very soon. I received my Felt Edict last Friday. I will assemble in the next day or so. And be ready to hit the woods. That is, if it ever stops raining.

And its not that it rains,
 but when it rains it rains a lot. The woods just started drying out this weekend and last nite several storms roll thru and dump over a inch. Now back to ponds everywhere. Cripes. I took a pic of the lake this morn and its too foggy to even see what it is. If I were to complain I would say its nice to get a two good days but it needs to string a few more together. But I wont complain. The weekend was nice.

Now I need to step up the saddle time even more to take spring training to the next level. All those long weekend rides would be a huge waste of time if I don’t start building off them. Especially in the weight dept. I am still heavier than Ive ever been for this time of year. I need to concentrate on that issue. As usual.

On the technical side of things, I need to report on now three bikes. First off will be the AR2 road bike that I have been riding. As soon as I ride the 29+ fatbike I need to talk about that too. Now, I have the Felt MTB (my first MTB from them) to build, tune and ride. So Im very much behind in the blog category. 

I will do my best to catch up.


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