Friday w\No Pic

No pic today

Another rainy Friday. Another ride stolen from me. Will try again tomorrow. I did get a short 50 minute ride in yesterday noon on the new road bike. And again, thats going to be another post another day. I always make a big deal on a bikes maiden voyage. A week ago this time I had one bike to ride, the cross. A week later I now have three. Cross,road and fat. And a MTB is in a UPS truck headed my way. That might be here maybe today. I still have not rode the 29+ fatbike. Pretty much has not stopped raining since it was up and running. And now with the full suspension MTB almost here Im sure its time will be limited anyway.

On the crappy news side of things, I had the Borah Epic dead in my sights at the end of this month. That, sadly, is gone. Due to poor scheduling (on my part) I dont have enough store help to cover my days up in Hayward that weekend. I have to bail. And that hurts. I had planned to get there a few days early, ride the crap out of those trails on both the MTB and the 29+. The race is paid for and the hotel was set. Son of a….   Totally my fault. I assumed everyone was available. That wont happen again.

Instead I might be heading up to this a week from today. I really just need a couple days away and I’ll get it one way or another. Maybe hit up Minoqua. Another option would be Marquette. Last minute decision. If not at the race I’ll be riding somewhere. Anywhere.

Now that I got the road bike up I hope to get in a weekend full of it. Its a lot faster on the road than the cross bike. That should help me keep up better. My first impression was good. I’ll see what the second impression get me.

Have a good weekend.


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