Summer hoops.


Tall tire

I was going to wait and post about this bike after I got a chance to ride it, but that looks like not until Thursday if it does not rain. Last Friday I got the 29+ wheels for the Whiteout.  9zero7 hubs with 190 rear and Velocity Dually rims at 45mil wide. Only 2m narrower that my Northpaw fat wheels. But much bigger. This new(ish) tire size\format was once again dreamed up in the garage of Surly headquarters. The Krampus 29+ has been out for awhile now. So this29+ format works right into my way of fatbike thinking.

Those wheels when mounted up are huge! Well, only 29in but with the 3.0 knards look huge to me. The pic shows the difference in  size over the fat wheels.

I cant wait to ride the bike. The 9zero7 Whiteout has plenty of room in the stays. I could go bigger! Its kinda like a 31’er. However I dont know exactly but these super tall wheels will not fit on every fatbike in existence so check it out before you buy.

2015 Farley w\Bluto

This is the perfect way to “summer” out your fatbike. Once people see how they can ride these guys all summer Im sure there will be much more of them around. The “winter” label is coming off fast. And with the new Bluto fork from Rockshox coming standard on many models including Trek will take this whole fatbike thing to yet another level. Summer level.

I have always been the advocate of a small but still fat tire. Posting many times fatter is not always better. Ive owned a Moonlander. Was great in soft snow but thats about it. Too big for summer stuff. And I gatta mention that the 29+ situation is not allowed in any fatbike games with all the sanctioning calling  for a minimum of 3.8in tires. Even most of the groomed trail systems would frown on this narrower tire. So this is for sure a summer only setup.

While my 9zero7 is a 190 mil rear, I just dont need it. 170 is plenty wide for my 47mil winter rim and 3.8 tire. So this 29+ format works right into my way of fatbike thinking. Cant wait to ride it. Thursday hopefully. Most likely will repost a ton of stuff after that first ride…


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