Weekend Riding w\Disadvantage

What was my advantage has turned against me quickly. I need every advantage that my bike store can provide to keep up with the group. I need the lightest 20140426_090559[1]fastest stuff just to hang on the back for dear life.

Yesterday, or basically this weekend was the first full on road group ride. Up until then there were a few MTB’s tossed in and with my cross bike I could hang. Now, all the fancy light aero roads bikes are out and Im the one on a heavier fatter tire cross bike. I was going to run the 34c’s on the bike this weekend but that would have been a disaster. I slapped the 28c road tires back on just in time Saturday morn.

That said, I had a great, but hard three days of riding. Ending up with three hours Sunday in the wind. I was spent. My legs hurt in a good way and once I hit the sheets fell asleep almost instantly. The sign of a good weekend.

Ive been waiting for a few things for my bikes. Wheels for both the road and the fatbike. Both came on Friday and I did not have time to finish off both so I concentrated on the road bike but fell a hour short Friday. Close. I’ll get that bike finished today pending my time today.

Then I now have the fatbike mounted up with 29+ wheels. Done but not ridden. This week I hope. For both road and fat MTB. Will have full reports on both bikes when they get put into action. So when those bikes start getting used I will lay off the cross bike a little. Put the 34c cross tires back on (again) and use it for the purpose that its build for. Ride it the way its supposed to be ridden. Not trying to chase a bunch of skinny tire bikes. Then eventually put it for sale.

Almost 7 hours of ridding between Fri and Sun. I’ll again take it. Now I gatta start working on my mid week ride times. Soon. Very soon. Taking 70’s on Thursday for temps here. That will be tough to take. And feel a bit strange to ride in short sleeves. Im sure I’ll get used to it tho…


Wa da ya think?

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