The 10%

Phone pic

Since I blog about bikes and own a bike store you might think thats all I think about. Not true. I think about other stuff too. I have other albeit smaller interests.  I like watching the big ships of the Great Lakes.

Above is most likely my fav ship pic. Again taken with my phone. My hobby of ship watching has been interesting this year. Huge ice on Lake Superior has really changed things up. Convoys of up to 10 ship follow a Ice cutter across the big lake. Even still on the 1st of May. The ice up there has been reported up to 4 feet thick. Sounds like they need a blast of spring more than we do.


Heres a pic taken on April 16th on Lake Superior. You can see the cutter’s path filled with ships trying to get across the lake. Very cool. Although I dont think the ships are too thrilled about it.

So you see, its not 100% bikes with me. I do have other interests in other stuff. Its not a lot but its enough to balance out.

I know of a few people who are 100% bikes all the time. And I think they lead a pretty boring life. Even tho its a big part of my life I do need to keep an expanded mind or I will go crazy. Still, about 90% of my activities still involve a bike  but I can have a good time with the 10% that’s left.

Even if its not super exiting stuff. Like ships in the Great Lakes. Its still something else to think about. And in the long run we all need something else in our lives.

Some more than others.


Wa da ya think?

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