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Its a beautiful morning. And I should be somewhere else.

Its been a good week in the bike riding Dept. Monday I was on the Felt Edict. Wednesday I was on the 9zero7 29plus and yesterday I grabbed the Felt AR2 roadie. Sometimes I forget how to shift the bike Im on that day. I have to think about it.

So its Friday morn and Im on another cusp of another working weekend. This is the weekend I should have been in Hayward for the Borah Epic and as much as I tell myself otherwise Im pretty upset not going.

I kinda just tried not to think about it but when the time comes when you should be leaving and your not is when it hits. Dammit!

This is the second race I paid for and did not go this year, the other being the Fatbike race in Marquette in Feb. But it was 5 degrees and that was a no brainer. This is just a bit different. But still could not be controlled. Thats what I get for planning. I never used to plan. I remember deciding to do these kind of things the day before. Now… I register months in advance only to have real life snatch away what I was so looking forward to. Maybe I should just go back to that unplanned way of life. Live spontaneously. I can do that pretty well.

But I have plans in the making. Different plans. I am planning some time away and could be out of town in less that 7 days maybe. I have extra help in the store for the next 19 days and I plan on using it. As I posted yesterday, maybe a few day trips or maybe even a bike tour. Something.

Tomorrow will be a quick ride before the store opens. Sunday maybe the same thing. Then my weekends will be free for awhile. Have a great weekend!


Twenty Nine Plus



I cant believe that I did not ride this bike since the Fat Bike Birkie on March 8th. But that’s the truth. In the meantime I had some 29+ wheels strung up. Done maybe a month ago. 9zero7 hubs with Velocity Dually rims. 45mil wide. Thats only 2mil narrower than my Northpaw fat wheels.

I’ll say it straight out. If your fatbike accepts this format you must do it.

First impre10385181_10204033888197828_1620272843_nssion is that your on some circus bike. Its tall. Your way up there. It feels weird. The woods I planned on hitting up was a 4 mile road ride away and its pretty soft there anyway so 30 pounds of air it was.

With a tailwind I was holding 20mph pretty much all the way there. Those big tires can roll both in the woods and the road.

Once in the sticks it was a blast. Surprisingly fast. The big wheels just held any momentum you built up. You can feel the big hoops in the tight stuff for sure but once I got used to it was no big deal.

Slight downhill and flats were unbelievably fast. Its just a fun bike to ride. However with all the pressure I was reminded a few times that the bike is fully rigid.

I would not take this to our local hi tech and rocky trails. The ones I rode last Monday ( see post). I would for sure get the crap beat out of me over all those rocks. Even if I dial back on the pressure and soften the tire a bit. To me it would still hurt. So… I cant wait for the bikes coming with the Bluto fork. Maybe not needed so much in the winter but for 12 month fun its a plus.

This format for sure takes the fat bike to another level. Summer level. Its a blast to rip it up in the woods. However, I must mention that this tire\wheel combo is not allowed if you are racing the “fat” category with most races calling for a minimum is 3.7 in rubber. Also, I would not run these in winter on any groomed trails. Skinny people could for sure get away with it but it would be frowned on by the groomers who put their time in the trails. When in snow stay fat. When not in snow go 29+.

And just think I almost sold this bike without even riding the tall wheels. I will, in fact, ride it again. Soon. Fun as hell.




As I stared out onto the Lake this morn I got to thinking that today would have been the day I left for the race this weekend. Then I got to thinking how I have not had a day off since March 7th. And that includes weekends.

And then I got to thinking that I really need some time away. Very soon.  As I thought some more Ive come to the conclusion that I am dangerously close to burn out. And not just the “I could use a little time” but the “I could ditch this whole thing” kind of burn out. Then, I got to thinking about a couple of days up to Marquette. I thought I could do this during the week much easier when help is readily available.

Im pretty sure I would do this alone and thats fine. A couple of days on the MTB up there would be awesome. Hey, I could even bring the fatbike 29plus up there too. I have yet to ride it. That would be nice.

Even if thats not possible an cheaper alternative would be a day up in Door County. Then, my thoughts turned to a tour to Door County. For sure this year but I’ll need four days to make it worth the trip. I only would have two here. But then I thought I really should get my tour bike assembled from winter mode. Right now its tossed in a corner like all of my personal bike stuff. Someday I really need to go thru that all.

So now my planning thoughts turn back to Marquette,MI. Maybe next week? I’ll start the planning  process as soon as I stop typing this post.

Which is right now.


Hard Effort


Ive had better weekends. With the only body available to work Saturday and Sunday I had my weekend cut out for me. I really dont mind working weekends but not every. Hopefully soon everyone can settle into a rotation.

I did get a quick road ride on Saturday morn before the store opened. Sunday I did not. That left me with Monday. I was not open then.

I opted to head out to out hardest local trails. Northern Kettles of Greenbush. I wanted to be alone as I knew my riding would not be good. That was an understatement.

Riding here he20140526_094953[1]lps in the tech dept tho. You leave with a better line picking skill than when you got here. Because thats all you do. Tons of rocks. You stare at the trail in front of you. You need to concentrate very hard all the time. If a bear was standing 10 feet off the trail you would not see it.

Since I was alone I plugged in the iPod, cranked it up and off I went. Started slow by design. The hardest climbing is when your the farthest out and on the second half of the trail so I was going to pace myself till I got there.

And did for the most part. At one point I could small a dead animal as I pedaled and all of a sudden a Turkey Vulture jumped on my right. It flew across the trail but had no idea how fast I was going. I could have touched it as it crossed in front of me. Those things are huge! That was the high point of the ride. Soon after the climbs started. And I worked hard as I granny geared up them. But it was apparent very soon that I all of a sudden was not feeling well.

I kept going (climbing) for awhile. Always in granny to keep my efforts to a minimum. But at one point I needed to stop and get off the bike. I tried to get my heart rate to drop but it seemed not to. And felt sick. I knew something was up and did not move a muscle until this passed, which seemed like a long time.

It did, and from that point on ( I was about 3\4th around) I soft pedaled the flats and walked the hills. And eventually made it back to the car.

I think this was due to a bunch of things. First off my weight is still up. Its coming down a little due to the increased riding but still up 10 pounds from normal. It was hot. Not warm but hot. I would guess upper 80’s and I was not used to that. I did not drink enough before hand.

I looked down at my Garmin after and saw my ride time for the lap was as good as any I have done. Remember I did stop several times and the timer clocks out when I do so. But I walked way more also. That tells me I went too hard for the first half I think.

Could have been anything I guess. But it was not a fun second half of the lap and I was kinda sick the rest of the day. Lesson learned. I need to prepare better for hard efforts. And with my weight every effort is hard. I should know that there is no such thing as a easy lap out there.

This morn Im still not 100% recovered. This coming weekend was the Borah Epic weekend, which Im going to miss for sure now. While in the back of my head I was hoping things worked out in the store to let me go this lap on Monday has me thinking I better not anyway. Im just not ready for that effort.

Its a shame. I love the Hayward area and hate to not take advantage of a reason to go up there. But there will be more.

Sooner than later I hope.