Bikes With Memorys



So yesterday after all my chores were done I went thru my stuff. Here at the store I have a corner with boxs fill with my stuff. To the untrained eye it looks like junk but its stuff to me. Here’s Pinky. A  Trek XO1 frame I bought for a few bucks back in the day. BBS days(before bike store). Pinky is dormant now but I promise will get called back into action someday.

Here’s a old post on Pinky that says it all.


Then there’s this one. A Giant road bike frame that I bought BBS. I did not ride it very long. It was a bit too small for me but the price was right for such a cool bike. Im old, and my memory is not that good anymore, but Im pretty sure this frame came fro20140429_102316[1]m the Saturn Devo team back in the day. I was riding it in 2004 so it was a few years before that.

Heres my memory with this one: At some point in summer of 2004 a buddy and me were riding west of town. We had gotten about 25 miles out and we were going down a hill somewhere in the Northern Kettles. As I was coasting down this pretty good sized hill she blasted past me and since my downhill skilz are pretty good I jumped to catch her. About the 4th or 5th pedal stroke my foot became unclipped and I planted it on the ground. I was doing about 30mph.

Over the bars. Bounced a few times. In a guardrail. Off the guardrail back on to the road. She rode back to me where I was laying in the road and asked where my cell phone was. Thats pretty much all I remember until I got home.

My helmet was shattered. She wanted to take me to the hospital but she said I insisted on going home. Even trying to get on my bike. I don’t remember that. I’ll flip forward  in this story a bit and say no broken bones but had the worst road rash ever. Even up to today. It was really bad.

She flagged down a guy with a pickup truck and got a ride to her house, where I then got in my car and drove home (crazy!) I then first remember cleaning up at home. In the shower with soap and how bad that hurt. Then…. I laid down for a bit. Bad idea.

A few hours later I was still out of it and now puking my guts out. My wife was at her sisters doing something and I had to call her to take me to the ER. Got to the ER and had a cat scan taken of my brain. A while later they came back and said they need to wait a while and do another one, they thought they saw something. Its now around 9pm. I fell around mid afternoon. And now I could be bleeding in my brain. I’ll make a long story shorter. I had to sit there 4 more antagonizing hours, took another scan, all was clear. Go home. Around midnite. I think.

Anyway, I healed. But for sure if not for wearing that helmet I would be dead. I hit the hardest on the back left side of my head. And to this day still get head spins (vertigo) now and then. Also, I was a big fan of roller coaster rides and the such, after that I could no longer ride them getting sick instantly now.

So, I kept the frame. As you can see in the pic also put a band aid on it. It was dented up pretty good. Not ridable anymore. But still hangs in the store somewhere. Ive written about all my other bikes but I think never about this one before. Most likely cuz its not associated with a happy memory.

But a memory non the less. So it will stay.


Wa da ya think?

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