Crappy Weather

DSCN3963Another crappy day. No riding although I saw a dude riding his old Schwinn Homegrown MTB this morn. Im assuming he’s not on the trails this morning. Guess he showed me riding in 37 degree rain.

I have not checked but pretty sure all trails here are closed. It pretty much rained all nite with more to come.

When I look at all the weather sites including the National Weather Service and see 7 straight days of rain I kinda shuck it off. I’ll think that they will change it up in a day or two. No way can it rain that much. Then, when they are right I get pissed off. It just seems like they are right for all the wrong stuff. And wrong for all the right stuff.

So I guess its hunker down a few more days. Again, try to get as much extra curricular stuff done in the store. Ordering. Cleaning, etc. Get stuff done during these days opens up ride time later.

Or thats what I keep telling myself.

Then, when I get all the stuff done that I can think of I look at my bikes. And right now Im in a holding pattern. Waiting for spokes to get here to finish the 29+ wheels. Just found out the MTB has not shipped yet. Also waiting for wheels for the road bike. I could get it started but I hate starting a bike before everything is here to finish. So here I sit. With only the cross bike to ride but thats not a bad thing. I just hate the downtime when there’s nothing else to do but stare out the window. Im not there yet tho.

I do have a few shop owner only things to do. Super important stuff. Stuff that makes being a bike store owner, and a small business owner worth it.

Of course Im talking about cleaning the bathroom. Just imagine. Cleaning a bathroom used 98% of the time by guys. Im not saying the bathroom is in questionable condition. Its not. Its sparkling. But it does not get that way by itself. I think I’ll close on the clean bathroom note.

And maybe start the road bike afterwards anyway.


Wa da ya think?

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