Weekend Report

Saturday. Last ride on street tires.

Another weekend here and gone. Two rides in three days but both abbreviated. Friday was not too bad, Out and back for an hour and a half (pretty much half of my rides in the summer) and Saturday I started with the group but had to flippit to get back to the store by 10am to open as I was predicting a busy day.


Sunday I just laid around. It never made it out of the 30’s all day. I did go to the store (of course) and worked on my personal stuff. Took the 28c street tires off the F1x and put cross tires back on.  The State MTB trails opened this weekend so its getting close to some woods time for me. So on go the fatter tires on the cross bike, then start the prep on the road bike cuz no way can I keep up to the road group with a cross bike with cross tires.

But as fast as the trails opened, they will close as 2 inches or rain is predicted this week. And I just do not roll on wet trails. So it will be a while before Im in the woods. But I cant wait.

The store was busy Saturday and I have a lot of ordering to do. Its getting to that time of year were its busy even if the weather is crappy. With maybe a slow day during the week to catch up on paperwork. Next weekend is the WORS opener. As of today Im not planning on going. But stranger things have happened. Especially to me. Would have to be on the fat bike. Still have not finished the 29+ wheels. Thats a priority this week.



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