Looking Forward


I know by now I should not be, but Im still amazed at the pics I get with my phone. Toss the pic in the computer to mess with it, and here you go.

Its cold and rainy this morn. May be a slow day at the store. I’ll take the time to check in the 50 or so Bell and Giro helmets that came in a few days ago. Getting sick of the box’s sitting in my office.

Helmets. 29+ tires waiting.

Got in a ride yesterday. Loaded up the F1x and headed west to some hills. Just to see what would happen, as if I didn’t know.

Pretty much a epic fail. Almost had to walk two steep ones but didn’t. And that experiment tells me I should not go to the Cheesehead ride Sunday. There are several good pulls there that would shut me done quickly. Maybe Im trying to just confirm my decision not to go. Whatever.

On a brighter note the State MTB trails around here might open this weekend. Pending the current rain. Its been since late Oct that I rolled a bike on dirt and am looking so forward to it. Every spring the first ride on dry dirt is always a awesome feeling. As for the MTB situation, Ive ordered the spokes to build the 29+ wheelset for the 9zero7. Im sure I’ll be rolling that in about 5 days or so. Thats going to be a fun bike to ride. I’m holding off ordering a MTB for me until I ride that thing. But Im sure I will get a suspension bike at some point. My old man back cant take a rigid bike for long. Especially if Im trying to race.

Just thinking of my schedule this summer for racing. Its looking good.

So far:

Thats a great lineup to base my summer around. I’ll for sure toss in a few events here and there but those will be last minute stuff. These events are registered, paid for and lodging set. Starting with the Borah Epic May 31st and ending with Iceman first week of Nov. Then, just slide into the fatbike season. 

It all fits like a glove. I can also mention that Ive already registered for the Fatbike Birkie March of 2015.

All those events are long weekends for me. All leaving around the Wednesday before, coming home on Sunday. Mini vacations. 5 weeks till the first one. Would be awesome to hit that one 10 pounds less. More on that on the weeks to come I guess.

Time to work. Those helmets wont check themselves in.


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