Awesome morning. Its going to hit 60 today. Almost 60 yesterday. I was outside all day yesterday and got a bit of a sunburn. How great that feels!

The lack of post Friday only means it was busy AND I got a ride in. In fact between Friday and Sunday I was in the saddle almost 8 hours. Got on the bike 3 days in a row. Very productive.


Friday was a nice roll with a few others. Doing my usual loop around the Park. By the end of summer I will have what seems like a million of these rides in. Its a good morning ride before the store opens.

The Felt cross bike with 28c tires is a smooth roll. I’ll stick with this setup for about two more weeks and then throw some cross tires on it to hit the woods and get my road bike up and running. Still have not set up the road bike yet. It still hangs on the sales floor, not even set up yet. But soon. Need to pick a wheelset yet.

Saturday was also a good one. Almost 3 hours and some breakfast. Had about 20 bikes on the ride and a few with cross bikes still went into the woods for a bit. I’ll stay on the road until the dirt  has dried a bit more.


Sunday was just three of us with it being Easter Sunday. But was a another solid two hours in the saddle. Good base miles.

I hope to keep this up and be ready to do a bit of racing in a month. Not a lot mind you but a little social racing. Ive got a ways to go especially in the weight dept. Thats gone south of late. And this last Sundays Holiday dinner did not help any. Once again I will make a concerned effort to limit my intake. Every time I do that it snows or something and Im off the bike for a week. Or more. Lets hope I can put in a good string of bike rides up against the limited diet. I’ll start watching my food today.

Or just after that half a pan of lemon torte from Sunday is gone.


Wa da ya think?

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