Up North

As much as I boast about loving the Hayward,WI area I gatta say I most likely could not live there.

Yesterday and last nite they got about 10 to 12 inches of  new snow.  To add to the snow that was still on the ground. And Im sure they are used to that up there but still. I’m not sure if I would play in that snow or just damn it away. I’m sure nothing gets groomed to ski. It looks like it will start the re melting process already today.  I like snow but Im not sure that much. You just need to absolutely love winter up there. I’ll be up there n 6 weeks for a MTB race. You would think it would be summer(ish) by the end of May when I get there.

And here we complain about temps still in the low 40’s. Since the flood waters have receded I’ll reach back into my bag of winter clothing and get in a ride in the morn. 35 degrees at start. Looking forward the temps seem to moderate in the 50’s everyday after the weekend. Except by the store where its always 10 or more degrees cooler. Just gatta start heading west on the rides.

Today is cleaning day at the store. The crappy weather has slowed sales so now it the time to get all the extra curricular stuff in. Im sure the weather will turn soon enough ( always looking at the bright side).  Also the landlord is doing  a walkthru today.  Thats always a good time.

I’ll just look forward to the ride in the morning….


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