So the water is going down slowly. Even tho my basements pump has been crying out for mercy it has stayed the course and pumped every ounce of water that has entered the tiling down there. Basement is dry.


Although I once aging have a huge pond for a back yard due to the water pumped out. As I said, its going down slowly. You can compare pic’s from todays and yesterdays from the park.

Yesterday there was a duck swimming around in my man made pond. This morn there was a Robin walking on it. Lows around 20 had ice everywhere. Even a dusting of snow. No biggie. The only thing that suffers is my riding. I get a good string going, start feeling good in the saddle and then it turns for the worse and Im off the bike for a week. And I feel like Im starting over every time that happens.

The store has its days this time of year. Good when the weather is good. Then slow when its not. Ive complained before about being in such a weather driven business. You can do everything right and still feel the effects of bad weather. And of course it works in the other direction too……

Once again I am having thoughts about this blog. I am the only one I know that does it daily. Sometimes its a bummer to try and think of what to say. I know I have a lot of posts that are very alike.

I could put a lot more reviews about bike stuff here but I try to keep it more personal, but not too personal. I dont want it to sound like a commercial for the bike store. But when you live\eat\sleep bikes that’s hard to do.

Really, I write here for me. I like doing it. I like writing stuff. Sometimes I put a lot of thought in it, sometimes I don’t. I keep track of numbers and not a lot of you comeback everyday. Maybe 40 or so. But numbers have no meaning to me. Like when I race bikes. Placing is fun but not necessary. Ive posted my criteria for a good race here and its not a lot. In fact those goals are easily attained and I do hit those goals 95% of the time.

Same go’s with the blog. I dont need big numbers to continue. If one person reads this that’s good enough for me. Its more for me than anything else.

So what am I up to? Building a 29+ wheelset for the fatbike. I of course am using 9zero7’s 190 rear hubset and a pair of Velocity Dually 29 rims. 29 by 3in tire is a tall wheel. Big wheel for a big guy. Should be a fun ride. I’ll take pics…


2 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Dan,
    I enjoy your blog. Wether it be about bikes or the constant struggle to get enough time in the saddle to keep some level of fitness.
    A little perspective about me. 51 years old. Not tall enough for my weight. I enjoy riding the road and dirt in the summer and getting out on my fatty or xc skies in the winter. I’m not a cat 5 racer and never will be.
    I enjoy that your blog is by a common man for the common man.
    I hope to visit your shop some day and have a cup of coffee and soak up the view.
    Keep writing…as often as YOU like.

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