Rain. Lots.

Rain. Lots.
Rain. Lots. 845am

So on Saturday we stubbornly left on the group ride. Knowing full well the clouds were ominous. Being this the day and age of the smart phone we were keeping track of the light blue and green that was approaching. Maybe 15 miles out we pulled the plug and turned around. A bit too late.

It started raining about 10 miles out and it was a miserable cold rain. The kind of rain that makes you put your head down and just go. Every man for himself. No talking. Just pedal. I was shivering and had numb toes when I got back to the store. Not a good ride but it happens. Im glad I got out because it never stopped raining until 3am Sunday nite (Monday morn). There was a small window Sunday for a hour or so to ride but I was not prepared to hit it.

And once again we 20140414_084444[1]are in flood stage. This usually happens every spring due to a big rain when we had snow on the ground but this had no snow. Not sure how much rain we got but I heard over 4 inches in 35 hours.

The Park was pretty flooded out this morn.

It was kinda like the perfect storm. A pretty thin line of rain running along a warm\cold front but was moving over us the long ways. It was only 50 miles wide but a couple hundred miles long and we got all of it. Actually it happened twice in a row.

But the cold front has moved in, we even got a little snow that will all melt later today. And now we just sit and wait for it to warm up again in a few days. Looks like it wont hit 40 again till Thursday. And rain\snow in every forecast until after the weekend. Pretty crappy.

On a bright side of things. My basement has weathered out this storm pretty well. The sump was working non stop. Never cycling thru. Just running. But keeping up so far. Fingers crossed.


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