F1x Di2



So here it is. The cross bike Ive been slaving over. Its been done for a week but just did not have time to talk about it. 16 pounds 8oz without pedals. 10 speed Di2 Ultegra. I did skimp and put a 105 crank on it. Easton CX90’s. Most of the components are from Shimanos PRO offering.


This end of the bike is pretty cool. PRO’s frickin HUGE Cavendish Signature stem. Even Cav cant flex that thing. Supposedly.

Note the Barfly Garmin mount that also hold the Di2 “A” juction box under it. Pretty clean. I also threw on a set of climbing buttons to work the cassette over when Im up in the mountains.

Right now I have 28c road tires on it. I’ll put cross tires back on it when the woods are dry. By then I’ll be on my road bike anyway.


For brakes I have Avids BB7 road SL’s. The driveline is last years 10 speed so I didn’t go hydro. But I will say this.

Those BB7 brakes work as well as the Hydro Reds I had on my Crockett. And I mean just as well.

I’m not sure on weight but throw in the extreme tune ability of the BB7 and Im sold. When I build my next fatbike its BB7’s.

Ive got about 150 miles on it already and its nice. I really enjoy building up bikes this way. Its cool to ride a one of a kind bike. I build em’ Ride em’ Talk about em’ Then sell em’

And then build another. In a week or so I will start on my road bike. Not a lot to do there but just some minor changes and upgrades. But for now I will enjoy this bike. Looking for 100 miles this weekend with a majority on Sunday. Looks like rain on and off all weekend. Glad I got out for an hour and a half this morn….

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “F1x Di2

  1. Rode BB7 sl for a year on my cross bike. Was at Cross Vegas last year and saw a bunch of guys riding TRP HY/RD cable activated hydro brakes. Much stronger, better feel and so easy to set-up and maintain. You should give them a try.

    1. Ive rode those too. Very nice. I would not hesitate putting a set on the cross bike. As far as the fatbike tho, mech brakes are a bit safer for winter riding without having to worry about any seals freezing. But I did have XT’s on the fattie this winter with no issues. And did leave the bike outside at -5. But the next cross bike I build will have full on hydro’s.

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