Almost 60 At 7

815am Awesome beach this morn.

Almost 60 degrees at 7am. One would think that I would grab the bike a go. I didn’t but did the next best thing and spent some extra time on the beach. Walking in short sleeves for the first time felt good.

Today is also a milestone spring day. Its now busy enough in the store to call in backup. Tuesdays and Thursday nites I’ll have the chance to leave before store close. And can ride late afternoon on those days too. It will be nice to not work quite so much. And get on the bike more.

So now with my cross bike done (pics soon) my mind turns to road and MTB. For the road I have a Felt AR2. Its here but I still need to put a few personal touch’s on it. Mostly wheels. I am still not sure what Im running for wheels. Its a toss between Bontrager, Easton or Zipp. The Zipps are a long shot.

Then, not too sure on the MTB. Trek Superfly or Felt Edict. However, in the meantime Im building up a 29+ wheelset for the fatbike and that’s what I’ll start the dirt season on. My first race most likely will be this one. Unless I jump on a early WORS race. That would be a last minute thing tho…. Depending on fitness and weight of course.

So thats it for today. Lots of product came in the last two days and I need to check it in. Time for work.


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