Today I had another ride stolen from me. Yesterday I started upgrading my computers from Windows 8 to 8.1. I had no idea it would take 10 hours to do. At least the download. So I set both computers to download overnite and needed to get here early to set them up for the second time in a week. I had a planed ride this morn and its pretty damn nice out. Sunny and near 40 with over 50 later. 

So Im a little bummed out as I hear rain for the next few days. On and off for the weekend too. I just have to play it by ear. And carry my ride bag.


This ride bag had been with me a long time. Its full of riding clothes. Heart rate strap hanging from handle.

This bag pretty much is a big part of my life year round but mostly in summer. Every weekend (Sunday) I wash all or most of my bike clothes and restock this bag. In the summer its got 3 full kits in it. During the spring of fall its got two kits and all the arm\knee\leg warmers and windbreakers. When I plan a morning ride I’ll leave home all kitted up but as more employees are in the store I ride later in the day, so I have to bring it  all with me.  For the most part in summer Im ready to ride with minimal lead time. Just make sure someone is in the store and off I go. Cant wait for those days to come. I have a 5 kit rotation that usually last me 7 days. However when the weather is super nice I have run out.

So in time a stolen ride wont be such a big deal. I’ll be ready to go almost anytime of the day. As long as I pack my ride bag correctly.


Wa da ya think?

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