Birthday And Bikes

43 miles in. Now carb loading.
43 miles in. Now carb loading. Sunday.

Another great weekend of riding.

Saturdays breakfast ride went well. I had oatmeal. Some guys tried the beach but it was too soft. It would have been cool to be able to do a April beach ride. I dont remember that ever happening before. I had the skinny 28c road tires on the cross bike(which was the maiden voyage) and no way could I ride the sand. So I stayed on the pavement with some others but it was not long before everybody else was walking off the beach.

The maiden voyage on the Felt F1x went well. Nothing fell off. I did notice the crank was just a little bit loose between the pressfit 30 bearings and I did re  torque it Saturday aft but found that I need just a small spacer on the non drive side to take up that space and I didn’t have any. Really, its not even noticeable but I will take care of it this week. More on that bike later…..

Sunday was in fact my birthday. Im flippin 54 years old now. Maybe this is a little weird but I took my birthday off of Facebook because its just strange having one hundred people I dont know wish me a happy birthday. I just figure the people who matter already know.

So I took part in a birthday ride with 6 others. We nailed 43 windy miles and even headed west far enough to climb a few hills. The temps at ride time were around 40 at the store. 20 miles inland it was 61. Its always a struggle to dress for these rides. If your comfortable at the start your too warm. A 20 degree jump is a lot to deal with. I miss dressed on all counts. I was cold at the start and finish, and very hot inbetween. It was however, the first spring ride in knee warmers and summer shoes. It still felt great. Especially after the guys bought me a few birthday beers.

At 43 miles its the longest this year. And Im better off because of it. I was very sore when done. In a good way. Hope to get a morning or two in this week.

I will post on my new cross bike next.


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