Rainy Friday


Cold rainy day here. Gloomy. Store was very dark this morn. Most of the time when I get here so early I leave the lights off. Very quiet and kinda eerie. Its like the place is sleeping. And I dare not wake it up until 10am…

Yesterday was a no post day. Had a pretty big task at hand. Had all the stores 5 year old computers upgraded from XP to Windows 8. I did think abourt getting new ones when it was announced that Micro was dumping support for XP but I do have industial computers that still had the minamal requirments so it was just cheaper to upgrade. I’ll look into new stuff later…

For the most part it went well. I had help. Starting at 7am and finishing at 11am. Two units. The longest time was once the operating system was up we had to go thru 85 updates all at once. That took awhile. But all is done and things are working. But a bit slower. I guess 8 just as more going on than XP (understament).

Next Im going to get the sales floor computer running touchscreen…

Enough about computers. So today its raining pretty good and thats also pretty good. A steady rain is always welcome to wash the road off. And thats what is happening today.

So tomorrow’s group ride will be all the better. I now have the F1x up and running but between the weather and work have yet to even throw a leg over it. Tomorrows ride will be the maiden voyage. So I hope it go’s well. Usually when I build a bike I sometimes get distracted (imagine that) and I forget to tighten something. So first ride is crucial. I’ll bring a few tools along. I’ll get pics here soon.

Then, like last weekend, Sunday is calling for the best weather and that means another SLR (slow long ride). If I could nail down 6 hours this weekend that would be great. I have not rode at all this week for whatever reason. And slowly that should change. Hopefully not too slowly.

Get outside this weekend. I insist.


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