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Man, the lake was awesome this morn. It was a bit on the chilly side (27 degrees) but the sun made up for that. And all this a day after I diss that thing.Almost all the snow and ice is gone. The pic looks like its 70 and sunny.

So as we speak a snow storm is approaching. Late Thursday into early Friday. We are on the southern edge of it and it will for sure get sloppy but the middle of the State will get nailed with 9 to 12 inches. Looks like Hayward will bey hit with a foot. I mention Hayward a lot here. Its starting to feel like a second home. Kinda.

I found out yesterday along with many others that Im in the Chequamegon Fat Tire 40. So that means I will not go to Interbike this summer as those two events are kinda back to back. And that means I have to kinda train a bit. A 40 miles MTB race is a long one for a fat, bald guy.

Heres a little history on me and that race. We go way back.

So I guess my goal is to beat the time from 2012. Here’s another post on that race.

Im kinda exited about going back to that one. I had a good time there. I will try and get the same cabin I had then.

More on that later. In fact I will be there much sooner as I am also in this one. So to date I have two Hayward trips in the books this summer. Very cool.

My cross bike is almost done. Just a quick go thru and bar tape. Im planning on a morning ride tomorrow for a shakedown as its going to be crappy Friday morn. And then debut it on the group ride Saturday. Im pretty happy about how it came out.

You will see it soon enough…


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