The Lake

Its pretty much a love\hate relationship I have with Lake Michigan. On the good side I really cant imagine living without it having never lived more than a half mile from it and as close20140324_091314[1] as 50 yards. The store is a block from it. I can look out the window of the sales floor and see it.

I visit it a lot in the morning hours. Have my morning coffee on it. Ride my bike on its beaches in the winter and now with fatbikes in the summer too.

It always provides some sort of entertainment. It carries the big ships I now watch from afar. Watching it freeze completely this winter was kinda cool. Its a landmark I have seen everyday of my life and still never take it for granted.

The icDSCN0907e formations this winter were nothing but spectacular. Even the ski trails I groom come within a hundred yards of it.

But in spring, as sad as it is to say, it is my nemesis for a few months.

Thats when the words “cooler near the lake” come into play.

The scenario is true all along the west side of this lake but always doubled here in Sheboygan for some reason. Just the way the land lays I guess. On Sunday Sheboygan was the coldest city in the State. For real. It was 36 here. Just 15 miles inland it was 55. In fact, all the way up in Hayward,WI it was 43. Thats nuts.

Its a tough ride from the store this time of year. If you leave the store freezing you ass off and head west you dressed correctly. In time I’ll have arm warmers and a windbreaker on, ride 5 miles west, take all the stuff off and when I have 5 miles back to store put it all back on. A 15 degree temp swing is common. Sometimes its 20 or more.

So with the huge freeze we had this winter this will be a issue for some time to come. Its not pleasant. And is the only thing I dislike about the lake. Even tho its just one thing its a big thing. At least to me. Really, summer does not hit Sheboygan until late June. And that go’s double for this year.

But I’ll put up with it as I always do. And complain a bit while I do that.


Wa da ya think?

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