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Bikes With Memorys



So yesterday after all my chores were done I went thru my stuff. Here at the store I have a corner with boxs fill with my stuff. To the untrained eye it looks like junk but its stuff to me. Here’s Pinky. A  Trek XO1 frame I bought for a few bucks back in the day. BBS days(before bike store). Pinky is dormant now but I promise will get called back into action someday.

Here’s a old post on Pinky that says it all.


Then there’s this one. A Giant road bike frame that I bought BBS. I did not ride it very long. It was a bit too small for me but the price was right for such a cool bike. Im old, and my memory is not that good anymore, but Im pretty sure this frame came fro20140429_102316[1]m the Saturn Devo team back in the day. I was riding it in 2004 so it was a few years before that.

Heres my memory with this one: At some point in summer of 2004 a buddy and me were riding west of town. We had gotten about 25 miles out and we were going down a hill somewhere in the Northern Kettles. As I was coasting down this pretty good sized hill she blasted past me and since my downhill skilz are pretty good I jumped to catch her. About the 4th or 5th pedal stroke my foot became unclipped and I planted it on the ground. I was doing about 30mph.

Over the bars. Bounced a few times. In a guardrail. Off the guardrail back on to the road. She rode back to me where I was laying in the road and asked where my cell phone was. Thats pretty much all I remember until I got home.

My helmet was shattered. She wanted to take me to the hospital but she said I insisted on going home. Even trying to get on my bike. I don’t remember that. I’ll flip forward  in this story a bit and say no broken bones but had the worst road rash ever. Even up to today. It was really bad.

She flagged down a guy with a pickup truck and got a ride to her house, where I then got in my car and drove home (crazy!) I then first remember cleaning up at home. In the shower with soap and how bad that hurt. Then…. I laid down for a bit. Bad idea.

A few hours later I was still out of it and now puking my guts out. My wife was at her sisters doing something and I had to call her to take me to the ER. Got to the ER and had a cat scan taken of my brain. A while later they came back and said they need to wait a while and do another one, they thought they saw something. Its now around 9pm. I fell around mid afternoon. And now I could be bleeding in my brain. I’ll make a long story shorter. I had to sit there 4 more antagonizing hours, took another scan, all was clear. Go home. Around midnite. I think.

Anyway, I healed. But for sure if not for wearing that helmet I would be dead. I hit the hardest on the back left side of my head. And to this day still get head spins (vertigo) now and then. Also, I was a big fan of roller coaster rides and the such, after that I could no longer ride them getting sick instantly now.

So, I kept the frame. As you can see in the pic also put a band aid on it. It was dented up pretty good. Not ridable anymore. But still hangs in the store somewhere. Ive written about all my other bikes but I think never about this one before. Most likely cuz its not associated with a happy memory.

But a memory non the less. So it will stay.


Crappy Weather

DSCN3963Another crappy day. No riding although I saw a dude riding his old Schwinn Homegrown MTB this morn. Im assuming he’s not on the trails this morning. Guess he showed me riding in 37 degree rain.

I have not checked but pretty sure all trails here are closed. It pretty much rained all nite with more to come.

When I look at all the weather sites including the National Weather Service and see 7 straight days of rain I kinda shuck it off. I’ll think that they will change it up in a day or two. No way can it rain that much. Then, when they are right I get pissed off. It just seems like they are right for all the wrong stuff. And wrong for all the right stuff.

So I guess its hunker down a few more days. Again, try to get as much extra curricular stuff done in the store. Ordering. Cleaning, etc. Get stuff done during these days opens up ride time later.

Or thats what I keep telling myself.

Then, when I get all the stuff done that I can think of I look at my bikes. And right now Im in a holding pattern. Waiting for spokes to get here to finish the 29+ wheels. Just found out the MTB has not shipped yet. Also waiting for wheels for the road bike. I could get it started but I hate starting a bike before everything is here to finish. So here I sit. With only the cross bike to ride but thats not a bad thing. I just hate the downtime when there’s nothing else to do but stare out the window. Im not there yet tho.

I do have a few shop owner only things to do. Super important stuff. Stuff that makes being a bike store owner, and a small business owner worth it.

Of course Im talking about cleaning the bathroom. Just imagine. Cleaning a bathroom used 98% of the time by guys. Im not saying the bathroom is in questionable condition. Its not. Its sparkling. But it does not get that way by itself. I think I’ll close on the clean bathroom note.

And maybe start the road bike afterwards anyway.


Weekend Report

Saturday. Last ride on street tires.

Another weekend here and gone. Two rides in three days but both abbreviated. Friday was not too bad, Out and back for an hour and a half (pretty much half of my rides in the summer) and Saturday I started with the group but had to flippit to get back to the store by 10am to open as I was predicting a busy day.


Sunday I just laid around. It never made it out of the 30’s all day. I did go to the store (of course) and worked on my personal stuff. Took the 28c street tires off the F1x and put cross tires back on.  The State MTB trails opened this weekend so its getting close to some woods time for me. So on go the fatter tires on the cross bike, then start the prep on the road bike cuz no way can I keep up to the road group with a cross bike with cross tires.

But as fast as the trails opened, they will close as 2 inches or rain is predicted this week. And I just do not roll on wet trails. So it will be a while before Im in the woods. But I cant wait.

The store was busy Saturday and I have a lot of ordering to do. Its getting to that time of year were its busy even if the weather is crappy. With maybe a slow day during the week to catch up on paperwork. Next weekend is the WORS opener. As of today Im not planning on going. But stranger things have happened. Especially to me. Would have to be on the fat bike. Still have not finished the 29+ wheels. Thats a priority this week.



Looking Forward


I know by now I should not be, but Im still amazed at the pics I get with my phone. Toss the pic in the computer to mess with it, and here you go.

Its cold and rainy this morn. May be a slow day at the store. I’ll take the time to check in the 50 or so Bell and Giro helmets that came in a few days ago. Getting sick of the box’s sitting in my office.

Helmets. 29+ tires waiting.

Got in a ride yesterday. Loaded up the F1x and headed west to some hills. Just to see what would happen, as if I didn’t know.

Pretty much a epic fail. Almost had to walk two steep ones but didn’t. And that experiment tells me I should not go to the Cheesehead ride Sunday. There are several good pulls there that would shut me done quickly. Maybe Im trying to just confirm my decision not to go. Whatever.

On a brighter note the State MTB trails around here might open this weekend. Pending the current rain. Its been since late Oct that I rolled a bike on dirt and am looking so forward to it. Every spring the first ride on dry dirt is always a awesome feeling. As for the MTB situation, Ive ordered the spokes to build the 29+ wheelset for the 9zero7. Im sure I’ll be rolling that in about 5 days or so. Thats going to be a fun bike to ride. I’m holding off ordering a MTB for me until I ride that thing. But Im sure I will get a suspension bike at some point. My old man back cant take a rigid bike for long. Especially if Im trying to race.

Just thinking of my schedule this summer for racing. Its looking good.

So far:

Thats a great lineup to base my summer around. I’ll for sure toss in a few events here and there but those will be last minute stuff. These events are registered, paid for and lodging set. Starting with the Borah Epic May 31st and ending with Iceman first week of Nov. Then, just slide into the fatbike season. 

It all fits like a glove. I can also mention that Ive already registered for the Fatbike Birkie March of 2015.

All those events are long weekends for me. All leaving around the Wednesday before, coming home on Sunday. Mini vacations. 5 weeks till the first one. Would be awesome to hit that one 10 pounds less. More on that on the weeks to come I guess.

Time to work. Those helmets wont check themselves in.