Big Weekend On Bike


Pretty much the best riding weekend to date. Saturdays 37 miles was the longest of the year. Until the 40 miles on Sunday.

Saturdays group ride had the best beach riding of the year. However I opted to stay on the road with a few other guys. Still riding the Long Haul Trucker but I did put the summer tires back on. 1.5 Kenda 100 psi tires. Those are pretty nice touring tires. Thru out the winter when everyone was on klunky MTB winter beaters I had pretty much had the fastest bike with this Trucker. At least on the road segments. But with the emergence of all the cross bikes my 35 pound bike went from fastest to slowest in a hurry. I suffered this weekend. Some had full on road bikes.

But I believe Sunday was the last spring ride for the Trucker as the Felt cross bike is getting close and should be done by Wednesday. Then the Trucker will have all the racks and bags put back on and will be in full tour mode once again.


The Interurban Trail was very clear in spots and snowed in at others. We had a little walking to do. Hopefully another week and its clear.

Sundays ride had just four of us but at 40 miles and near 3 hours was the longest of the year just beating out Saturdays ride. Those back to back rides should get me back on track in no time. Im hoping a quick shakedown ride on the cross bike maybe Wednesday or Thursday. Then another weekend like this one. That would be good for me.

Its warm today. Near 50. That should help the store a bit.

Time to open.


Wa da ya think?

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