Missed One

1966818_10152313281382173_1756573356_nSo I was all set to ride this morn. Clothes laid out as usually for my ride mornings. But I got up and saw the snow and ice and just bailed. It was crappy out there.

The I drove the four miles to the store and it was still a bit wet but not as bad. No snow at all. Just a bit of wet road.

Then I drove the 4 more miles south to the park and it was dry and totally rideable. I hate when that happens. This time of year and especially now I get bummed when I miss a perfectly good ride. I need every single one right now.

Last week I was pumped to ride three days in a row. The third day was Saturday and I have not rode since. Just a week before that I was so proud of myself to hit the trainer 4 times in week! I started to lose weight. Then, just as easy as the rides came, they left. For whatever reason. Weather, work, whatever.

Now I feel like Im in the same position as a month ago. Cripes.

So the weekend seems better. The group ride tomorrow will be 30 degrees at ride time. Maybe some beach riding. Maybe not.

Sunday I have plans. Big plans. I want 3 hours in the saddle. I want that badly. Solo or whatever. Looks like 40’s and sunny. Its almost frickin April. Lets do this.

For real.


Wa da ya think?

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