And Now Its Thursday

cropped-20131218_0923281.jpgNot a lot to say today. Got my Felt spring shipment yesterday. Getting my Trek today or tomorrow. Lots of bikes to build.

My 9zero7 carbon fatbike has lots of buyers looking at it and most likely will be gone in a week. That leaves me without a MTB of any kind. So I will need to look into that. Still on the fence weather I should get Treks EX or Superfly.

The EX makes more sense for me. More travel makes this bike more trail worthy. Smoother on the big hits. At my age I sure could use that. And that bike would make places like Marquette and Copper Harbor a lot easier to ride. Not that I would get there a lot. But just all in all a trail machine.

The Superfly is well, a Superfly. Its geometry is made to move forward as fast as you can. Travel is tuned to climbing efficiently. Last year I rode on on Marquette’s  toughest southern trails and almost went over the bars many times. If I had a EX I would so rail that stuff.

Both bikes cost about the same(a lot). I think I would more fun on the EX but I could sell the Superfly much quicker in this part of the country. So I need to decide if economics will sway my decision. Its not that I wont have fun on the Superfly, its just that I just don’t race a lot anymore and when Im not racing I would have more fun on the EX.

So…  I have to sleep on it a bit. But not too long. Clock is ticking.


Wa da ya think?

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