Its Wednesday

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Another single digit night last nite. Cripes. I planned a ride this morn but its hard to ride when its only 10 degrees now. Especially when its going to be near 60 on Sunday. I refuse to wear my mid winter stuff anymore. All I ask for now is above 30 degrees. Thats it. And thats still 14 degrees below the average for this time of year so Im not asking a lot. And it does not need to be above 30 at ride time, just at some point during the ride.

So thats it. Spring needs to step up.

Thats said, Im thinking of a long weekend of riding somewhere south. Every year I say that but I think this year its a necessity. Just a 8 to 10 hour drive south can give you 60’s or more soon. Thinking about it for real. Maybe mid April.

Im halfway thru hell week here at store. But no bikes arrived yet which leads me to believe they will come on the same day. The Felts shipped last Friday. Due maybe today. Trek has yet to ship their bunch. But might do so today as Im waiting for a specific model to get in.

Today Im getting the rental bikes squared up. Plenty early but that a good thing. Not sure how many new ones to order. Will ponder that one.

Also will ponder a bike ride since I ditched this morning. Maybe in the morn if its not raining. I actually hope it does as the little snow we got yesterday had the city dump a ton of salt on the roads. My car is white with it. Need to get that washed off. Both road and car. But mostly road….


Wa da ya think?

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