Looking Forward

First ship of 2014

As a fresh snow slightly blankets the landscape this morn, signs of spring are still all around us. Its is, after all, a few days from April.

The Cranes have returned to the park. Robins are everywhere. Killdeers are back too. The big ships have started to move around the lake. Its not shipping season quite yet but many are breaking out of their winter home and positioning themselves for the first haul. This pic is pretty much the first of many ships to pass.

But really, most of these triggers of spring happen regardless of the temp or snowfall. Its a timing thing. The birds return based on amount of sunlite in a day. It could be below zero with several feet of snow and they would come back the same time regardless. I can only imagine they are suffering a little. Just like the rest of us.

This has sure been a year for complaining about the weather. I do to a point, then just stop. You know who complains the most? TV news people. When they try to segway to the weather report they have some complaining comment about it. Every day. It gets old.  I pretty much get all my weather from my phone. And the National Weather Service website. Its pretty much what they look at anyway. I always look ahead 10 days so Im never surprised about the way below temps. I know its coming and I adjust my mentality. I need to do that or I’ll go nuts.

Good news. All of my electronic stuff for the cross bike has shipped and is in a UPS truck somewhere. Best case scenario is I ride the bike this Sunday when its going to be almost 60 degrees here (said my phone). I would look forward to that. Putting in some longer rides on that bike is in my near future.

So even tho this morning is 17 degrees and snow Im still mentally good. I just try to keep my mind occupied on other things. Like the Robins, Cranes and ships.

And continue to look forward.


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