Weekend Update


Quiet, sunny and cold lake today. The geese seem to like it tho. Its 12 degrees this morn. Colder tonite. This weather just will not leave. Its getting a bit old. But all the complaining is getting a bit old too. Up in Hayward,WI its -12 so we have it good in that respect. Couple of weeks ago I had a good week on the trainer and when the temps hit above freezing I put it away. Looks like I could get it out again. But I will not.

Saturday group ride

Saturdays ride was three in a row for me. And it was a good one as I had to ride hard to keep up. The group rides are always good for me as it forces me to push harder. This ride was the hardest effort to date this year and I felt pretty good doing it. It wasn’t that fast for others but my hard work felt good. The key to my bike fitness is get a lot of hours during the week and then run a puker on Saturday trying to keep up to these guys. It works for me.

It was another pretty good winter ride when we usually don’t get winter rides. The beach is fun to ride and all and I do want it warmer but if its not at least we get to do this. Its a pretty rough ride on a cross bike. Really bumpy. The sand is rock hard tho and the skinny tires are still fine. Some of the skinny guys could ride a road bike. But once the sun comes out even in below freezing temps the sand get soft. We have about a 2 hour window in the morning before that  happens so ya gatta get out there quickly. Of have a fatbike.


Sunday I had plans to make it four days in a row. Had my clothes laid out. Wanted to ride the fatbike one more time before I sell it. I have a few people begging me to sell. Anyway, I woke to these cold temps and bailed. It was 13 degrees and Im just so done with that. So I stayed in and watched San Remo on the laptop. It was cold and raining. Looked like everyone just did not want to be there. Not a lot of action as everyone just wanted to get it over with…. having that race end with a bunch sprint just is not right.

Next ride day is Wednesday. Tomorrow morn is accountant day. Thats always fun.(not)

As I sit here this morn there is a lot to do in the store. Just got a huge air compressor to get set up in the shop. Also 50 to 60 bikes will show this week. I try to space out the delivery’s but there is a chance that the Felt and Trek spring shipments could come on the same day. Wont that be special. Will make for a crazy day.

I better get going.


Wa da ya think?

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