Well, it is warmer. Warmer than a month ago when we were happy as hell to get double digit temps. This morning it was about 30 degrees at ride time. And I was a bit cold.

I’ll talk about that later but a gatta say the winter beach riding is the best its been all winter. Too much snow kept us off the beach unless we had our fatbikes. That and the below zero crap. But now its good to go. The Trucker is the perfect bike for this stuff. The wider (than a cross bike) tires hold me up on top the frozen sand pretty well. You can maintain 15mph pretty easy.

I always said the best skiing is in March and that hold for the best winter beach riding too. Again, not fatbike beach riding but regular beach riding.

DSCN3934Heres a pic from the same stretch of beach as above just three weeks ago. Fatbikes only. Today you can ride a cross bike on it. 80% of the snow and ice is gone. Looking ahead at the temps, still below normal for a few weeks. That means a lot of beach rides. I say lets do it for real.

Back to temps. Today I rode with only one less layer on top, a thinner thermal tight,(I have PI Amfibs for the cold stuff, a thinner Bontrager for not so cold) and lighter gloves. At 30 degrees. I could not help thinking that its not that much less than I wear in single digits (or colder). So how could I be cold at 25 degrees warmer air? Not sure. Maybe the air was humider ( I know that’s not a word) and the sun was not out for sure. I guess I would assume that I would be wearing half of what I do in the arctic cold but that’s not the case.

Of course I want it warmer. If I had a choice. But I don’t so you just gatta roll with it. If not your just going to too unhappy all the time.

So maybe its a “soft” spring opening but I’ll take what I can get and adjust my riding accordingly. Anything outside beats the trainer.



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