Time To Plan

Friday morn
Friday morn

Nice weekend of riding. Friday morn put in 25 miles in about 2 hours and I bettered that by two miles and four more minutes on Saturday. I’ll take it.

Between the morning ride and working on changing the store over from winter to summer had no time for me to post on Friday. But I’ll make up for it as its Sunday and Im in store doing 6 hours of accounting work. Yup, the wonderful life of a small business owner. But I can get so much more done when not distracted.

Saturdays ride was the triumphant return of the weekly breakfast ride. Pretty much non existent for two months. We had 9 bikes. Not bad. And had a pretty good beach ride. Frozen solid sand was rock hard with several cross bikes having no problem. It was a bit rough tho. My tour bike, rigid of course, was beating the crap out of me. So I opted to ride the road on the way back with several others. But it was a great beach ride complete with eagle sightings.

Not to take anything away for such a awesome ride but I hope that’s the last beach ride. Dreaming of warmer temps. OK, maybe one more with the fatbikes…

Right now its all about saddle time. I don’t formally train like some people do but I do follow a “training” guideline. In fact by looking at me you would not guess that I know a lot about training on a bike. But with hanging out a lot with people who do it for a living I have picked up a trick or two.

I never head out on ride with planned intervals but that does not mean I don’t throw down a couple now and then. Not a lot tho.  But now is the time to think about the plan of attack.

So, again, focus is ride time right now. Longer rides. Friday I noticed how tired and sore I was on the bike after two hours. Just one day later I felt much better on the bike. I felt way more comfortable after Saturdays ride. So soon its going to be three hour rides, and after a few of those then four hour rides on Sundays…..

And before you know it your body is ready to get down to business on the bike. And without even thinking about it I start losing weight. Not a lot, but the winter pounds come off pretty fast just by resuming daily saddle time. Its already happening to my delight.

So I’ll check the weather for forecasted temps and plan my rides. Tuesday at 830am looks to be almost 30 degrees so there I go. Game on.

Right now my trusty steed will be my Long Haul Trucker. As pictured above. Its the perfect spring bike. Full fendered. Relaxed geometry. And kinda heavy. 26in rims with 2in tires absorb the crappy roads. I have 1.5 tires for the summer when its in full tour mode. I’ll put those back on as soon as Im sure there will be no more beach riding. Thats pretty soon.

I’ll ride that bike until my cross bike is finished. Maybe two more weeks or so. I cant wait to ride that one. Its going to be a rocket.

Until then I will ride a bike that is not.


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